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Manpower Hong Kong was established in 1964 as a franchise operation. In April 1997, Manpower Inc. (renamed to ManpowerGroup™ in March 2011) achieved wholly owned subsidiary status of the Hong Kong operation and the franchise was purchased outright. With over 40 years of experience locally, Manpower Hong Kong provides employers a range of services and solutions for the entire employment and business cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outsourcing and consulting. Manpower helps both companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing world of work, helping employers and candidates to make sense of the forces shaping tomorrow's workplace. In Hong Kong, the ManpowerGroup suite of solutions is offered through ManpowerGroup™ Solutions, Manpower®, Experis™, and Right Management®. More information on Manpower Hong Kong is available at www.manpower.com.hk.

香港Manpower (Manpower Hong Kong) 於1964年以特許經營模式在在香港成立。1997年4月,Manpower Inc. (2011年3月正式改名為ManpowerGroup™) 成功購回特許經營權,並將香港業務轉為全資擁有形式運作。憑藉在香港超過40年的經驗,Manpower在商務活動中提供一系列細緻的方案,包括全職、臨時及合約聘用;僱員評估及遴選;員工培訓;轉職介紹;外判及顧問工作等。Manpower的宗旨是透過激發人類潛能,集中研究如何為客戶及職場人士帶來超越期望及想像的最大收益。在香港,ManpowerGroup 一系列的方案透過下列提供,包括:ManpowerGroup™ Solutions、Manpower®、Experis™及Right Management®。如要獲取更多關於香港Manpower的資料,可瀏覽 www.manpower.com.hk。

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