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1. Could I find the talents I need at
2. Does charge the company members for the service?
Do I need to be a member of to enjoy your service?
3. How to register on
4. How to amend the company data?
5. Can the job seeker view our company's information as soon as I just registered/amended our company data?
6. Does it take a long time to register the company data?
7. Why can't I find my company's information after i've already registered successfully?
8. I have already hired the suitable candidate,but job seekers still send their CV to me. What should I do?
9. Can I alter the job requirements of job seekers any time if I've already released the job information?
10、How to search the job seekers I need?
11. How to send job invitations online?
12. What if i can not find the suitable job seekers?
13. How to release job information on
14. How to find the password if i forget the user name and password i used before?
15. Job seekers have sent their CV, but why can't we receive e-mail?
16. Where could i fill in interview content when sending interview invitations to job seekers?
17. Why can't i see the positions i released on homepage of the website?
18. Why can't I see all the CV when printing out?
19. When I was viewing CV, message showing “This CV does not exist, or it is deleted by administrator” sometimes, what's wrong?
20 .When using company management center, I was frequently asked to input username and password, what should I do?
21 .I carelessly delete the information on released positions, could i restore the information of positions i posted before?
22 .What's the difference between CV I search using advanced search and CV i received from job seekers?
23 .Can I amend the company name?
24 .Why do I fail to copy recruitment information even if i login management center?
25 .Can I change password number again?
26 .We've already registered memberships, why can't we see the contact way of job seekers?
27. How to release new positions?
28、Why can't we login after inputting the password?
29、Why web page can not be displayed sometimes I input password or view job seeker's CV?
30、I can find the CV of job seekers in my e-mail, why I fail to find it in company management center?
31、How to contact you if I have other questions?

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