Your Arms with Love
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Open Your Arms with Love
    It is said that people spend one-third of their time on sleeping, and the rest on work and other activities including eating, talking and traveling. How do you spend your spare time?

    Most people may spend their spare time on watching TV, playing PS3 or shopping because such activities may release our work pressure. However, excessive entertainment may cause greater pressure and result in addiction. Can we have other better choices?

    Kickboxing, jogging, swimming, cooking and shopping are some of the choices. Voluntary work is another interesting after-work activity you can try. Rebecca has been a volunteer for five years, organizing community events, festivals and carnivals. She spends around 20 hours on voluntary work per week. “When I leave the office, I always feel tired and want to go home and take a rest as soon as possible, but I also want to do something different and meaningful in my spare time.” Her first “job” was organizing a visit to an elderly home. She is a secretary and used to plan meetings. So she planned an interesting drama and the elderly enjoyed it very much. “Helping others brings me satisfaction and a feeling of love. The elderly are lonely and need care. At the same time, they are my life counselors, and they share life experiences with me.”

    Through engaging in voluntary work, Rebecca has gained love and friendship and has also broadened her horizons. Research found that collaborative activities enhance one's sense of security and optimism. People can realize their value in life, gain fulfillment and learn how to overcome challenges.

    From 1998 to April 2007, more than 600,000 people in Hong Kong registered as volunteers and about 1,600 organizations and schools participated in the “Volunteer Movement” organized by the government. Up to 2005, the registered volunteers have served the community for more than 14 million hours. Voluntary work is diversified and full of fun! Visit prisoners, the elderly, the disabled and look after orphans, repair electrical appliances and computers for the needy.....Contribute your part in your specialized field, and you may discover warmth and love everywhere. You may find it much happier to spend your spare time in ways you have never tried before!

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