Smart Eye for the Metrosexual Guy
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Smart Eye for the Metrosexual Guy

The corporate adoption of the 'metrosexual male' is on the increase, with employers discovering the importance of personal presentation within the workplace, and encouraging their employees to 'suit up' for business success. To provide businesses with advice on the significance of professional image, consultant Joseph Alegre has launched The Australian Male Image Acadamy. "Image is increasingly becoming synonymous with successful marketing," Alegre said. "My belief is that personal image is another fundamental frontline communication tool with immense potential that, on average, is not being utilised. My aim is to help males realise this potential."

With an increasing number of people spending more time in their offices, the physical comfort, visual appeal and accessibility of their work environment become increasingly important. In a study commissioned the American Society of Interior Designers, findings showed that:

10 tips to smarten up your business image

1. Dress for the occasion

  • Plan ahead and know what to wear
  • Decide on what type of image you would like to create

2. Dress in front of a mirror

  • See beforehand what others will see
  • Decide if you look presentable enough

3. Always wear polished shoes

  • Few items in your wardrobe will be more scrutinised than your shoes
  • Ensure that your shoes are appropriate for the occasion

4. Always have clean teeth and hands

  • In particular your fingernails n your hands are the second most observable feature of your body after your face

5. For business, wear single-breasted suits (men)

  • They make you look contemporary and in touch with current fashion trends

6. For business, wear traditional two-piece suits (women)

  • They make you look elegant and stylish
  • You cannot beat a timeless classic

7. Do not wear ties containing cartoon characters

  • Such ties project the wrong image, especially in a corporate environment

8. Ensure that your shoes, sock and belt are of the same colour

  • Being well coordinated is a simple means of creating the right impression

9. Do not get caught up in fads

  • This mode of dressing is expensive and unnecessary as these items go out of style very quickly
  • You may come across as being led by the whims of fashion rather than having the benefits of a style which suits you and your personality

10. Always purchase the best you can afford

  • Quality and not price should be your guide when making a purchase.


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